Mice Control Vaughan – Tips to control pests

You must have seen these nuisance pests some time or the other in your vicinity. Rats and mice can make your dwelling place no more than a hell. So do you combat the issue? Given below are some of the proven mice control Vaughan tips, which you can follow to make your homes and offices pest-free.

A few things to know about Mice:

These pests mostly thrive in homes and offices and menace around with our food. Their feces and droppings are carriers of dangerous diseases like food poisoning. Mice control Vaughan is essential because these rats have sharp teeth enough to gnaw and damage wood structures in our homes and offices. They can creep into smallest holes, especially when its dark. Their sense of smell is excellent, and they love to consume our food. Their hideouts are made up of shredded paper or wool. A peculiar smell is evidence of their presence and calls for Mice control Vaughan in action.

Color: Grey or brown

Weight: ½ ounce or more

Length: 4-7 inches including tail

Life-span: 9-12 months

Mice Control Vaughan – Prevention tips

  • Maintain clean, hygienic conditions- One of the major reasons for pest infestations in homes and office is unhygienic conditions. So make sure to keep your surroundings clean for effective mice control Vaughan. Keep your fruits and vegetables, and other eatables covered. Keep tight-fitting lids for trash bins and keep the areas clean.
  • Construction and installation of effective mouse traps- One of the most effective methods for mice control Vaughan pest extermination is to call professionals to install traps. These are not poisonous and are effective when there are few mice and other pests. Using this method, you are sure that the pest is trapped and can be disposed of.
  • Select proper baits- You can procure several baits from the market in the form of Grain baits or block style baits. If you know the proper selection and placement for mice control Vaughan, these can be effective ways for prevention and control of mice.
  • Use of sound and electricity-Ultra-sound can be used for driving away these pests, but are not used profoundly due to their ineffectiveness.
  • Have pets like dogs and cats- For mice control Vaughan, you can use cats to frighten these pests. They do the hunting for you and keep these creatures at bay.

Disposal of dead mice

Having trapped the mouse, you need to be an expert in disposing of the rodent for mice control Vaughan. There are many professional extermination services which offer end-to-end services for their disposal. Wearing rubber or plastic gloves is necessary and inevitable. Take special care while cleaning the areas affected by mice. If not attended properly, it may breed infection and cause spread of dangerous ailments. Put the dead rodent in a tightly sealed bag during mice control Vaughan. While you throw them in trash bins, replace the bins with tight lids.

For cleaning the containers, use disinfectant containing Phenol or mix 3 tablespoons of bleaching powder in a gallon of water. Use this solution and then treat the container and gloves with warm water. Don’t forget to wash your hands with soap and warm water, during mice control Vaughan.

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