Mouse Control Service In MISSISSAUGA

A mice infestation is a headache that will not go away on its own – you will HAVE to contact an exterminator or a team of professionals to take care of the issue. Lucky for you, Mouse Control MISSISSAUGA is here for you with the best of services and will ensure that all traces of any mice will be terminated.

What Is Mouse Control and Why Do You Need It?

Well, the term itself is pretty self-explanatory; you control the mice and do your best (with or without outer help) to keep the revolting, crawling creatures as far from your house as possible.

Once the few initial mice find themselves a tiny place to live somewhere inside your residence, they will not hesitate to get cozy and multiply with immense speed, leading to a much bigger problem and nuisance.

Mice can cause a lot of damage to your doors, pipes, and insulation. They chew on electrical wires and woods aggressively, which leads to fire hazards and has the potential to put you and your family in grave danger. These troublesome beings also shred soft items for nesting.

Their waste products contaminate your food severely and can spread diseases such as Salmonellosis and Hantavirus. Furthermore, they can also spread disease through ticks, mites, and fleas.

How to Tell If A Mice Infestation Is Commencing at Your Home?

If you are suspicious of some crawling invaders establishing a habitat in your homes, stay alert and keep an eye and an ear out for:

  • Evident droppings are seen in random locations of your house such as on top of or inside the cupboards, drawers, inside cabinets, etc.
  • Pay attention to any scratching noises coming from the basements, partition walls, floorboards, or false ceilings. They can be heard mostly at night when they are most active.
  • Grease marks that are caused by their bodies brushing against the walls and floors can be seen around dark holes and corners.
  • Mice leave footprints in dusty places such as the basement or the attic, maybe. And if there are no such dusty places in your home, sprinkle either china clay, talcum powder, or simple flour on the surfaces that you suspect the mice to have been to. Check for fresh track and tail marks the next day.
  • They find materials that are easy to shred and then line their nests with other soft materials. Check out places such as cavity walls, lofts, suspended ceilings, under floorboards, inside airing cupboards, under stoves, and behind refrigerators.
  • Mice urinate regularly and its smell is quite pungent, like ammonia. It has a really strong smell.
  • If you are living in MISSISSAUGA and find any mice in your home or office, dead or alive, immediately look for more signs and contact Mouse Control MISSISSAUGA for further help and Mouse Control Services. If you see a mouse during the day, it can mean that there is a heavy infestation at your house as mice mostly only become active after bedtime.

How to Prevent Mice?

To prevent mice from ever stepping foot into your house in the first place, regularly clean and thoroughly sanitize your house. And not only inside your house, but you should also try to maintain cleanliness AROUND your house as well.

Don’t leave any places or conditions that would allow easy access to food and shelter and be sure to dispose of the garbage in rodent-proof bins outside.

Mice and rats avoid places where they can smell mint. You can exploit this fact and plant mint outside your garden and rub peppermint oil along the doors and attic beams; and any other indoor places you might suspect have recent mice activity.

In addition to this, be sure to close off any possible openings from where the mice can enter. They only need a space that is the size of a coin to enter your house.

And even if a mouse manages to get through some loose corner, you should always be sure that your food is stored with care and that there is no unnecessary garbage accumulating inside.


Now you know what a mouse infestation exactly is, how to look for mice in your home, and how you can prevent them from coming inside and save your breath from the whole problem, to begin with.

Dear residents of MISSISSAUGA, if you are stuck with a horrible mice infestation, instantly get in touch with Mouse Control MISSISSAUGA to start living in an environment again that is free from the aggravating, irritating, and disgusting creatures that are mice.

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