There are many birds that are nuisance in Canada and pose serious health risks because of closeness to humans. Some of the birds affecting the life of people in Canada are Pigeon, House Sparrows and Starlings. These birds have adapted the Canadian lifestyle, eat our food and thrive on our buildings.

It’s time that you should be concerned about the health risks associated with these birds. It is researched and found that the health risks and the damages caused by the birds like pigeons, etc. are similar to the risks associated with rodents. When it comes to spreading diseases, birds are the perfect carrier; they travel distances and can carry different parasites. Moreover, they can host many infectious diseases.

There are various ways in which birds pass the diseases to humans. The common way is when humans come directly in contact with them and their feces. The indirect ways by which diseases can be transmitted are using contaminated food and water or when fecal dust is inhaled (accidently or as it spreads in air). Birds carry the diseases from their environment to the places they live, like houses or buildings. To identify their presence, look for their droppings or nesting materials.

How We Inspect And Identify Bird Infestation?We, at Mega Pest Control look for each architectural structure that could provide sitting or roosting space for birds. Our experts look in every possible area where the birds can sit, then we help you get rid of them. Some of common areas where birds prefer to sit are:

  • Ventilation Systems and Air Ducts
  • Pipes and Exhaust Fans
  • Exposed beams under canopies and covers
  • Exterior Light Fixtures
  • Poof Line and Peaks
  • Signage

The common outward signs of bird activity are bird feathers, droppings, eggs/chicks, and nesting materials. Our expert will invite you to participate in the inspection process and will note all the findings. Involving you is a part of the customer education program. By knowing and understanding the bird infestation, you can discover them at an early stage and take preventive measures. Our experts further make a site plan of your problem with the help of photos and documents taken over the affected area.

Determine a Course of Action
The Bird Control Program at Mega Pest Control focuses on the removal of existing bird population, sanitation, and to completely stop the future infestation, our experts install the control measures. It is not a job to be done individually, so you should hire professional services for it. When our experts physically remove the nesting material and feces, they wear professional protective gear, but when you remove it on your own you may avoid wearing them which may bring severe health risks.

Our various removal measures include:

  • Trapping: It helps in population reduction. We have the latest and most advanced trapping equipment and we use the non-toxic bait to attract birds. These baits being non-toxic are not a harm to your kids or pets. We usually place the trapping unit on the roof top of your property and it remains away from the reach of people.
  • Nest Removal: It is also a measure that focuses on reduction of population. Our experts remove the nesting material physically and seal it in a bag and dispose it far from the site.
  • Sanitation: After removing the bird population from the site, our experts thoroughly clean and disinfect the site and make it safe. Doing this all the parasites present are exterminated and the site becomes clean to install deterrent measures.

Control And Prevention
Based on the infestation problem you are facing, we customize the bird prevention system according to the situation. Our system is flexible and strong enough to work with any kind of architectural structure like roof tops, courtyards, parking garages, office balconies and overhangs. We ensure that even the smallest entry point is sealed.

Our services don’t stop here, Mega Pest Control’s experts will schedule routine follow ups to check that all controlling steps are intact. Further, we repair if any control measure gets damaged or fall. You can anytime contact us because we remain ready to help you 24 x 7.


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