Cockroaches are most common pests in the entire world. There are around 3,500 different species of cockroaches all over the world but out of them German cockroach is the commonest – especially in Canada. Usually, they are light brown in color and measures between 0.5 – 0.625 inches. You can easily find them in homes, hotels, restaurants, stores, warehouses, etc. They are also called as urban pests.In home, you can easily find them near moist areas like bathrooms, kitchens (cookers, cabinets and dishwashers).

Although, they can survive in all temperatures but they love moist environment with somewhat moderate warmth. German cockroaches are mainly extensive feeders but sometimes they are also scavengers. They feed on different food products like meat, sweets, starch and oily foods, bread crumbs, or anything in garbage bag.Like other species of cockroaches, these cockroaches are also active night crawlers. They have a very flat body which helps them to hid in cracks and cervices and come out in the night to feed.If their population is high or the food is available in large quantity, you can also see them active in daylight.

It is very difficult to control the infestation of German cockroaches because they produce numerous eggs per capsule and their eggs undergo very short period of maturation and hatching. The result of this is the rapid population increase. The egg capsules are carried by female German cockroaches all through the period of embryo development. This is the reason they have a high number of successful hatching. As compared to other species of cockroaches, German cockroaches are very small and can protect themselves by hiding into very tiny spaces.

To get the better understanding of German cockroaches, we will briefly explain you the developmental stages involved. A German cockroach undergoes three stages during the development namely egg, nymph and adult. Thick capsules containing the eggs are produced by females and every capsule contains about 30-48 eggs. In a lifetime, a female produces 4 to 8 egg capsules. With an approximate time-interval of 6 weeks, they produce these capsules in an ambient temperature. The eggs hatch within 14 – 35 days under apposite conditions.

These cockroaches produce secretion with repulsive odor which affects the flavor of food infested by them. They also contaminate food and water because they carry with them pathogenic microorganisms. Some of the common health ailments people undergo because of the food and water contamination done by German cockroaches include diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, food poisoning, etc. These may further cause many other gastroenteritis diseases. Every part of German cockroaches is harmful- skin, excreta and secretion are strong allergens and may cause skin rashes and other problems. When a German cockroach bites a human, the skin of human gets a scaly, raised patch which if scratched, transforms into a wound.

After gaining knowledge of so many poor qualities of German cockroaches, you also won’t prefer them near your building. You can quickly go through 5S effective measures to control infestation caused by German cockroach.

  1. Survey: To determine the effective measures for removal of German cockroaches from your property, it is very important to have proper knowledge about their population. You should thoroughly inspect the buildings by setting up cockroach traps. These traps are sticky type and you can easily find them in market. Identify the strategic places like bathrooms, stores, kitchen area, etc. and set these traps. Now, wait for 4 to 7 days and after seeing the population of trapped cockroaches, you will get an insight as to which way to go.
  2. Starve Them: It’s the proper availability of food in your property which makes the German cockroaches to stay. You should clear out all the leftover food, food spills and pet meals each night. You should keep all the food materials in plastic bags with locks or air-tight containers.
  3. Sanitation: They feel good when they are in nasty, dirty and moist areas. The buildings or properties should be kept neat and clean always. The garbage should be thrown out each night in a container with tight lid. Make sure that the moist areas in your house are always clean and dry.
  4. Structural Repairs:All the holes and cracks present in the walls or doors should be sealed and covered. If there are torn nets near the vents especially in the bathroom or kitchen area, get them replaced or repaired.
  5. Scare Them Off: To eliminate German cockroaches from your property, use pesticides, insecticidal dust (like boric acid) and baits. Specify the strategic locations and apply these chemicals. You should always take proper care while applying chemicals because they are poisonous and can harm humans.

So, these are the preventive measures you can take after identifying or suspecting German cockroaches in your property. We, at Mega Pest Control advise you to keep calm and just take necessary preventive measures to get rid of German cockroaches’ infestation.


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