Spiders belong to that group of pests which are active in all seasons. Hardly, there might be someone who doesn’t want to get rid of them. No matter how cool you are, but these creatures will irritate you just from their presence. There are hundreds of species and amongst them Hobo spiders are the one normally found at your home. We, the experts at Mega Pest Control will help you eliminate them from your property. But before that let’s increase the knowledge about Hobo spiders.


It is not easy to identify Hobo spiders. They are hairy and huge and can move very fast. Hobo spiders do not feature any color bands in their legs. The legs are evenly brown colored and help in their identification. The other sign of identification is the V shaped pattern on the abdomen of most of these spiders.

Toxicity of Hobo Spiders

Like many other venomous species of spiders, Hobo spiders are also the same. They are not aggressive in nature but if they feel danger to their egg sac, they attack the invader. Normally, this specie of spiders does not bite, but whenever they bite, it’s serious. They only bite for their own protection or when they are trapped and do not find any place to escape. Mostly the bite of Hobo spiders is dry, which implies that the bite does not inject any venom. This doesn’t mean bite doesn’t cause any harm. When rabbits are bitten, dermal lesions can be observed and when humans are bitten, necrosis (localized death of cells) is caused. In case a Hobo spider bites a person and injects venom, a hole is formed in the skin.

Common Habitats Of Hobo Spiders

You can find them easily in damp places, such as attics, foundations of houses or you can also find them under the rocks. They can be easily identified in the farming areas also. These spiders cannot climb high and that’s why they are usually seen in the lower parts of the property. The mass presence of Hobo spiders is decreasing in the urban houses because their place is taken by giant house spiders. If you see any Hobo spider present in your house, it may be because of the presence of insects which they will prey.


If you have any Hobo spider present in your premise and you want to eliminate it, the very first thing you should do is reduce any sustainable environment of their existence. All the mess inside the home should be cleaned. Clean the storage rooms, basement or any vacant room. You should also get the surroundings of your home cleaned. And the very important thing is to eliminate Hobo spiders’ food (other insects) from your premise.

How Mega Pest Control Help You?

Mega Pest Control is always available to help you. You should remove all your stress because Mega Pest Control will help you in eliminating Hobo spiders from your house. We provide you all the solutions according to your needs. Here are some of the remedies which can help you in getting a Hobo spider-free property.

  1. Hobo Spider Traps

These are very handy traps because they use a scent to trap the spiders and kill them.

  1. Diatomaceous Earth

It is a silicon powder and it doesn’t kill the spider at once. This powder dehydrates the spider and ultimately kills it. This is a very safe and non-toxic method to kill spiders and other insects. You just need to sprinkle this powder inside and outside of your property.

  1. Glue Boards

When the spiders walk across these boards, they get stuck. You just need to put these boards to the place where they mostly reside.

  1. Aerosol Spider Killers

There are many people who don’t want to get too close to spiders, for these people aerosol is the best solution. The spider is quickly knocked down and finally gets killed.

If you ever face any difficulty to implement the above discussed measures, you can anytime contact us. We have a dedicated service team to combat spiders and beside that, we deal in removal and control of hundreds of different species of pests. For any kind of pest related problems, always remember the name Mega Pest Control.

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