In Canada, only the news of rat present in a property creates so much chaos amongst the people associated with that property. These rodents have long tail and are medium-sized but cause big damages to the property, spread diseases, contaminate food and can be totally menace. If you are in search of a professional Mice Control Brampton service provider in the whole Ontario region, Mega Pest Control is the best one for you.

The Rat Menace  

Rats are very sensitive when it comes to any new thing placed in their environment. Naturally, they will stay away from everything you put for them. Whether it is trap, rat bait or a product placed on floor for them to consume, they will stay away from them. Only a single rat creates so much problems for property owners and when their number increases, they create a havoc. They may colonize in your porches, attics, wall voids and different hard to reach places. If this is the case, professional help is the only solution.

Rat Species

There are many species of rats but brown and black rats are most common. Similar to humans, they are also warm blooded and can be found anywhere in the world. They have oversized front teeth which they utilize for gnawing and the side teeth, they use for chewing. Rats can chew several different items present in the property, thus causing severe damages.

The built of their body helps them to squeeze themselves and live or travel in a comparatively smaller space.They have the ability to breed all through the year. This rapid breeding nature signifies that even the smallest rat problem can sooner become a severe rat infestation. A rat can deliver 4-7 times in a year and each time it can give birth to 8-12 pups. So, it means that in a year, a single female rat can give birth to 32-84 pups.

Professional Mice Control Mississauga 

People who encounter any rat problem try various tips and tricks, methods and products to get rid of them from the property. However, if a property is a great food source for rats, it becomes very difficult to eliminate them. Maximum one can do is decrease their invasion for few days but they soon return. When people try these useless remedies, they forget that rats utilize this time to grow their population.

During their first few visits only, rats colonize the property and when you know about it, by that time your property is heavily infested. Thus, it is recommended that as soon as you discover the presence of a rat or mice in your property, you should immediately contact a professional rat control service provider like Mega Pest Control and get rid of the problem as soon as possible.

Mega Pest Control

We, Mega Pest Control is the best Mice Control Brampton & Mississauga Service provider in Canada. As we are in this field for several years, we have helped many property owners in Canada to get rid of rat infestation. The equipment and tools that our team members use are latest, most advanced and according to the industry standards. Our measures to eliminate rodents from your property are unique and the products we use to trap them or as a bait are non-toxic and eco-friendly. When these latest tools combine with the innovative products and skills of our experts, we deliver nothing but 100 percent results.

The experience we have gained in several years help us to locate their hiding spaces in a single attempt. Then we devise a strategy according to the magnitude of infestation in your property and finally our experts execute the strategy and eliminate these rodents from your property.

We do not believe in promises, we believe in delivering. That’s why we hold a remarkable reputation in the whole Canada. Our services are not only effective, they are also affordable. Anyone can easily avail our services. We understand how it feels to have rodents in a property. So, whether you are a home owner or you own a shop, restaurant, office space, or even agricultural land, we know how to help you in eliminating them out of your property and that too in an effective, safe and quick manner.