Argentine Ants Control Service

Most of you might be aware of the mayhem the ants cause in general and amongst them Argentine ants are most devastating. If your home is in Oakville or Markham, you probably would be holding one or two encounters with this species of ants. You might have tried many DIY methods but nothing worked because they are temporary solutions and infestation returns within few days.

It’s time to seek some professional help from the most renowned Mega Pest Control. Our team of experts not only completely removes the ant infestation from your property, we also regularly follow up to be sure that the infestation doesn’t build up again.

Identifying Argentine Ants 

When exterminating, it is very important to properly identify the pests. You can identify Argentine ants from their characteristic color which varies from light to dark brown and their length ranges from 2.2 mm – 2.8 mm.

You can identify the presence of Argentine ants’ infestation from their foraging trails which they usually leave behind while climbing the trees, walls or even during migration into a building. These trails oftentake place between the food sources and their nest location. Within very little time, their interconnected colonies grow and turn into an infestation difficult to be controlled by any DIY technique.

Why Seek Our Argentine Ants Control Services?

To remove the infestation of Argentine ants, only professional pest control service providers should be preferred because experts precisely identify their location and with the advanced removal methods, they remove the infestation completely.

At Mega Pest Control, we run a special control program headed by the pest control veterans who professionally control and remove the Argentine Ant infestation.

  • Prior Inspection

Our Argentine ant control experts holds the proper knowledge about the habits and behavior of Argentine ants. It helps them to identify the exact location of infestation whether it is in the form of nesting grounds or simple hideouts. Our experts visit the property and thoroughly inspect the infestation. They make sure that the infestation is by Argentine ants only and design an appropriate action plan.

  • Comprehensive Extermination

Our control service to remove infestation by Argentine ants is carried out in a comprehensive and highly professional manner. Our services cover both indoor and outdoor extermination of these ants so that they can be removed from their source. The services we offer cover any level of infestation in both residential as well as commercial spaces.

  • Industry Standard Tools and Techniques

We use the most advanced and appropriate tools, insecticides and skillsets to terminate all the nests and hideouts of Argentine ants and ensure that they do not return. The chemicals used by us does not harm humans but are critical to pests and terminate the adult pests, their nests, eggs and larvaecompletely.

  • Guaranteed Safety and Comfort

Our Argentine ant extermination program in no way distracts your peace. All the techniques used by us produce least distraction to property owners. Moreover, all our experts wear proper company uniforms and carry an identification card from company which ensures that only authorized persons will enter your residential or commercial property.

  • Follow Ups

In addition to these services, we regularly contact you and revisit the site from time to time just to make sure if any warning signs are erupting.

Reasonable Price Quotes

The rates of our pest control service are most affordable and flexible. The extermination service of Argentine ants that we provide is of high standards and you can be relieved that you are getting real value for the money spent.

If your previous DIYs failed or you simply need a long-lasting solution for infestation of Argentine pests, then it’s the right time to seek expert help. Call Mega Pest Control today and get a free quote.


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