Whether squirrels are in attic, eaves or crawl space, you can easily hear them making scurrying sounds. Canada is home to different kind of squirrels like native squirrels, ground squirrels, flying squirrels and black squirrels. If you are also suffering from the nuisance created by them, get in touch with Mega Pest Control and get your home free from them.

Usually observed in the backyards and public parks, these squirrels are opportunistic in nature and may feed on a variety of food. That’s why they fall in the omnivorous category. They eat the garbage food thrown by humans and avail the feeding opportunities even if it is beyond their natural habitat. In search for food, black squirrels often burrow the yards and fields.

Damages Caused By Black Squirrels

If there is food available in yards or fields, black squirrels won’t mind damaging it. They dig the yards and fields for nuts and insects. The borrows which squirrels make near the manmade embankments and dams impacts the structural integrity in a negative way and the constructed structure may collapse. Further, black squirrels tear the insulations in the home, power lines on the roof or in the attics. When the squirrels damage the supply line, power outrages occur.

To keep the squirrels away from a property is a very challenging task, especially when the property is a great source of food for them or if they have already made a nest in the property. There is some short-term relief people get by electrifying the fences, pruning the limbs of trees near the property and by sealing the external entrances, but they somehow find another way to enter your property.

Effective Removal Of Black Squirrels By Mega Pest Control

If you have also tried several measures to get rid of the black squirrel nuisance and didn’t find any relief, then you should contact Mega Pest Control for help. We have many years of experience in dealing with squirrels and in fact, we have a special service to get rid of them. We understand what all places can be their possible hideouts and where they would prefer to nest. The skills and experience of our experts when combine with innovative trapping and removal measures, you get a property permanently free from squirrels.

Our dedicated and effective team of experts is always equipped with the most advanced tools and equipment with which they remove these rodents from your house. The eradication method we use is humane and is completely safe for both animals and people involved. After removing the squirrels from your property, we take all the preventive measures and make sure that the squirrels do not enter your property again. After that our experts schedule regular follow ups to the property to confirm whether the infestation is removed completely and nothing more is required.

This we do because squirrels have an annoying habit to return back to the property and continue irritating you. The complete trapping and removal process is quickly administered and as previously mentioned, is absolutely safe.

Apart from being effective, safe and quick, the squirrel removal and control services of Mega Pest Control are highly affordable. This is to make all our prime services available to everyone. This way customers get our best services without hurting their pockets. If the black squirrels have increased the frequency to disturb you and you want an effective solution to eliminate them from your property, do not forget we are just a phone call away. Our experts will visit your property, inspect it, make a plan and execute the plan. The result you will get, is a place free from black squirrels.



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