Carpenter Ants Control

Carpenter ants are one of the most destructive as well as valuable insects on earth. They chew up wood and turn it up into very fine sawdust that after rotting provides compost which helps in new growth. When they enter the structures made by humans, they harm in many ways and become one of the most destructive pest.


This species of ants is amongst the largest ants’ present in whole of Canadaand their length varies from 3.4 mm to 13 mm. Most of them are black colored but some can be found with a yellowish or reddish tint. The color depends upon species and varies from jet black to black, dark brown, yellowish tan, orange, red, or even light brown. Some of them have dual colors, i.e. both black and red. The worker carpenter ants have large mandibles.


Carpenter ants live both indoors and outdoors. They also live in decaying, moist or hollow wood.

These ants establish their colonies in the galleries under the damaged or damp wood. The galleries are cut into the wood grain and nests are formed which provides passageway to move from one section to another of the nest.

Carpenter ants clear their sites of nesting and their galleries are very different from those of termite. The galleries of the carpenter ants are smooth like sandpapered wood.

Carpenter ants are attracted to moisture. When these ants are in natural environment, they live in both living and dead trees, rotting logs and stumps. In homes and buildings, they establish their nests wherever wood is present. This causes huge damage to the houses or buildings. So, if you find any signs of infestation by carpenter ants in your house or building, you should immediately call Mega Pest Control and avail their Ant Removal Services.

These ants do not eat wood like termites, instead they remove wood by chewing and deposit the debris in the small piles outside their nest. They feed on most of the food items present in the house, especially meats and sweets. They also feed on other insects.

You should be careful of any kind of infestation caused by them because they grow rapidly and within short time, their population increases manifolds. You can identify their infestation considering the following signs.

  • If you observe workers foraging for food.
  • When a colony of these ants matures, swarmers are produced and it indicates that new colonies will be developed. So, if you see these winged carpenter ants, it’s an indication of a well-established colony nearby.
  • If you find any wooden debris in your house, it might be the result of tunneling any wood in your property. Be careful and call us if you find wood shavings mixed with dead ants in your compound.
  • When these ants damage the wood in your house, a “rustling” sound can be heard sometimes.

How We Treat Carpenter Ants?

Our dedicated team from Mega Pest Control leaves the office as soon as they hear complaint from you. Within a short period of time, they reach your property. Over there, our experts inspect your property for the infestation from these ants. When they find the nest of these ants, they confirm that it’s the species of Carpenter ants only. Then they submit a report detailing the condition of infestation at your place.

We further make an action plan according to the intensity of the problem. Then our experts execute that plan and with the help of non-toxic and eco-friendly chemicals, they remove the infestation. If the infestation is large, it is always better to treat it chemically.

They should be treated at an early stage otherwise if they remain undiscovered for a longer period, these ants can cause severe structural damages to homes as well as buildings. Thus, it is always advisable to contact a professional pest control service provider.

We, Mega Pest Control, will help you get rid of carpenter ants infestation in a systematic way. Remember that any incorrect procedures may lead them to resume infestation.


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