Odorous-House-Ant Control

In Canada, odorous ant is a common household pest. The name of these ants is derived from the rotten odor they release. There are still debates going on about the match of this odor, the opinions ranges from blue cheese to rotten coconut and anything in between. Apart from the odor, it’s the nuisance created by them in houses which require an immediate action.


If you keep the smell factor at side, they are very small measuring somewhat between 2.4 mm to 3.25 mm. The color of their body is black or dark brown and their thorax is unevenly shaped. They have a single node on petiole and it is hidden by abdomen. However, the biggest characteristic of Odorous ants is the rotten smell they give off when crushed.


The colonies of these ants can vary from a single queen with few hundred workers to many queens with thousands of workers. Their queen can produce hundreds of ants with her amazing reproducing ability.

You can find these ants both indoors as well as outdoors. It is that species of ants which can survive anywhere, irrespective of moisture and temperature. Outside you can find their colonies in shallow soil under the stones, boards, mulch, debris, etc. Inside the houses, they can be found under the heaters, sinks, behind the cabinets and beneath floors. The properties are usually invaded by them in fall or rainy season.

Outside these ants feed upon insects, seeds, plant secretions, etc. They are very fond of honeydew produced by insects, such as aphids. Inside the home, they eat sweets, meats, raw vegetables, fruit juices, dairy products, etc. In search of food, these ants form their trails along the kitchen counters, sinks, baseboards and cabinets. The indoor food supplies are rapidly contaminated by them. Odorous ants do not bite or sting but they are highly persistent pests which travels indoor in very large number.

What to do when odorous ants attack your property?

You can use ant baits to treat the infestation. These ants are fond of sweet things, therefore most of the ant baits made for them consists of mainly borax, water and sugar. If you do not want to go with baits, you can go for sprays that are made to control the infestation.

You should know that the ants seen indoor are the workers who search food. No matter if hundreds of workers are eradicated, hundreds more will take their place and continue the search. So, in order to effectively solve this problem, their colonies needs be identified and their queen should be relocated.

Mega Pest Control for Professional Odorous Ant Removal

If it is serious infestation and you have failed in stopping them even after using various products or methods, then its time you should contact Mega Pest Control and get rid of them.

We hold several years of experience in this field and it is very easy for us to find out the actual place where these ants might have established their nests. After finding their nest, we relocate their queen and use various products and methods to get the precise result. Our experts of Ant Removal Team always remain equipped with various products and tools with which they help the property owners in Canada to get rid of odorous house ants.

Our duty doesn’t end with just eliminating the ants from your property, we revisit the property after some time to ensure that the problem is solved permanently. Moreover, we consider other factors also which may attract these ants to the property, and provide you effective tips to prevent the infestation in future.


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