Pavement Ants

These ants are either light brown or black in color and their appendages are lighter in color then their body. These ants are smaller in size and their length falls in between 2.5 to 3 mm. Their head and thorax region has parallel lines. These ants have 12-segmented antennae along with a 3-segmented club.

These ants can be commonly found invading buildings in search of food. When they are found outdoors, they establish their nests in the cracks of pavements, under the stones or along the curbs of pavements. Indoor, they establish their nests under the floors and in walls.

Pavement ants eat vast variety of foods which include grease, meats, dead or live insects, honeydew from aphids and seeds. They like to eat may foods consumed by humans especially greasy foods. These ants can be identified from the trails set up by them while they forage for food. These trails start from their nest to the source of food. The workers belonging to this species of ants enter the houses in search of food and can become nuisance when a large group infests garden patio or kitchen. These ants can bite and sting. These ants reproduce mostly in the months of June and July when the winged females and males swarm. The females after mating search for a new site to establish nest and she becomes the queen of that new colony.

In case, your house is invaded by these pavement ants, you should always contact Mega Pest Control because our Ant Control Services will help you quickly get rid of any infestation caused by pavement ants. Our experts identify their nests and relocate their queen so that infestation can be stopped.

These ants have the ability to sting but they do not bite. In fact, these are not aggressive and prefer to avoid confrontation rather than sting and defend themselves. The most common sign to identify the infestation of pavement ants is the trail its workers make. Some other indicators can be swarmers or small piles of excavated materials.

These ants are common in whole of Canada and very often disturbs the life of people here. The nests created by pavement ants are difficult to locate, so it is always better to contact a professional pest control service provider like Mega Pest Control.

How We Help You?

When you contact us regarding your problem of antinfestation, our experts visit your property and thoroughly inspect your property and detect the nests of these ants. Then we identify the exact species of the ants. This helps us in developing the precise action plan tailored according to your situation.

Our experts than submit the report and we prepare the plan to exterminate them. In most cases, we remove the nests and relocate the queen, but sometimes if the infestation is very big, we use non-toxic and eco-friendly chemicals.

Finally, we professionally seal their nests and after removing the infestation, we revisit your property several times just to check the status of site. We also educate the property owners about the warning signs of infestation so that in future, if any kind of infestation by pavement ants builds up in their property, they can take immediate preventive steps.

We, at Mega Pest Control are dedicated to help you get rid of infestation in any way possible. You can always trust us and we will always find a solution to your problem. For easy identification, our experts always wear company uniforms and we have issued them a unique company identification card. So, there won’t be any possibility of a stranger entering your house in the form of pest controller.

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