Controlling Roof-rat

Roof rats are mysterious pests. They usually make their habitat in warm places, especially in the places with human population. Some of them even make their homes in palm or pine trees. In buildings, they are mostly found in wall cavities, false ceilings and roofs. They can also be found in burrows near agricultural fields and in the places with water bodies, like streams, ponds and rivers.

Mega Pest Control helps you to get rid of these roof rats from your house and surroundings. We hold many years of experience to capture and dispose this elusive species of rodent.

How To Identify If Your Property Is Infested By Roof Rat?

If you suspect the presence of roof rats in your property, you can consider the following warning points to confirm your suspicion.

  • Rat Tracks: It is very easy to identify roof rat because of their long tail and hind feet. But, they usually live in the vegetation or your attics, so it becomes difficult to follow their tracks to the nest area.
  • Gnaw Marks On Surfaces: If any of your attic has a hole of 2 inches or morein diameter, you can be sure that roof rat made it. The holes will feature rough edges which will further confirm that rats have gnawed that area. Normally, woods of wooden products are gnawed by them, but you shouldn’t be surprised if you find your food products or electric wiring also gnawed by them.
  • Stains Of Urine:The dried urine stains of these rats are visible in fluorescence. When you will see under UV lighting, you can find the scattered drops or streaks of water marks.
  • Droppings: You can identify the droppings by shape, size and color. Usually, the shape of droppings is like spindle, are black colored, measure around ½ inch and have pointed ends.
  • Sightings: Roof rats are nocturnal and you can hardly find them in the day time. But, if you found one during the day, it is a sign that there are many around.
  • Sounds: They are highly active creatures and the noises they make can be easily heard. While they are scratching your valuable things during night, you can hear them clearly.

Harm Caused By Roof Rats

Roof rats eat human food, animal food, and damages wooden products or electrical wires through gnawing. Outside, wherever they live, they damage the ecology. If they live near parks or gardens, they search and feed upon fruits from them. They disbalance the nutrients present in the soil and further decreases the germination probability.

These rats are a carrier of various pathogens and transmit many diseases to humans. Some diseases from which humans suffer because of these rats are Plague, Leptospirosis, Rat Bite Fever, Salmonellosis, Murine Typhus, etc. If these diseases or food poisoning are not treated on time, they can be lethal.

How To Eliminate These Rats From Your Property

As their common habitat is attics (roof tops) and vegetation areas, it is very difficult to trace and catch them. The most common methods to prevent and control the infestation of these rats are:

  • Trapping: You can use mechanical devices in the surroundings and trap them. When the rat is trapped, it dies and then you should dispose it safely. To prevent any infection from spreading, it is very important to safely dispose the rat.
  • Baiting:Through this method, rat is attracted towards food products containing poisons or rodenticides. The smell of the food attracts them and compel them to eat. When they eat it, they die. In this case, you should not forget to shut any water supplies because if they consume water, the effect of poison will wear off.

This whole process of rat elimination is hard for an individual because to inspect the places, engage in the steps to kill them and dispose them when they are dead, require skills. Moreover, roof rats are elusive and secretive creatures.

If you find any of these warning signs present in your property or its surroundings, you should not delay and call Mega Pest Control to avail our Rat Control and Removal Services.

Our skilled and dedicated experts are most experienced in the industry and know the latest procedure to eliminate roof rats from your property. The procedure is executed in a safe and eco-friendly manner.


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