Thief Ants Control Service

These are amongst the smallest species of ants which are invading the residential and commercial properties in the south Ontario region of Canada. These can be destructive and may harm significantly the households and businesses.

How Can You Identify Thief Ants?

The very first step towards controlling the infestation of pests is their correct identification. These ants are usually small, measuring just 0.8 mm (approx.). The color of these ants is somewhat between light yellow and red with black marks on their abdomen. Their antennae have 10 segments. These ants are not only pests, these are also parasites because they build their nest near the other species of ants and steal food from there.

These ants closely resemble pharaoh ants but have some distinguishable unique characteristics or features. Thief ants have 10 segments on their antennae which ends with two segment club whereas pharaoh ants feature 12 segments on thier antennae which ends with 3 segment club.

Controlling Thief Ants’ Infestation

The best measure to prevent these ants from invading your residential or commercial property is proper practice of sanitation. When they find that there is nothing to feed upon, they will leave your property in search for another habitat. This is the reason proper sanitation should be maintained. If any food items or piece of food items fall, you should immediately clean that place.

Moreover, if there are any cracks or cervices on baseboards, door frames, window frames, or foundation, get them covered or repaired. The materials which can be potential habitat of these ants should be eliminated. Any pipes or faucets leaking should be repaired and the shrubs along with the branches of trees should be trimmed to discourage these ants from entering your property.

Our Offering 

If you are facing the infestation problems caused by thief ants, you should go for the best solution and that is permanent removal of their nests and colonies from your property. You should seek our Thief Ant Control Service.

At Mega Pest Control, we offer a thief ant control service which is specifically designed to free the homes and commercial properties from the thief ants’ infestation.

Convenient Appointment Schedules

When you contact us for any pest related problems, we provide you with different appointment schedule options or you can simply notify us about the best time you can be available.

Initial Inspection of Property

Our dedicated team of experts will inspect your commercial or residential property and confirm whether the infestation is by thief ants only or by some other species. Our experts verify the affected area and the magnitude of infestation so that the best strategy can be made to eliminate them.

Industry Certified Pesticides and Techniques

All the pesticides and chemicals used by us are industry certified which means we adhere industry standards. Moreover, the tools and equipment we use to remove the infestation are most advanced and according to industry standards.

Adherence to Your Personal Safety Concerns

We are concerned about your safety. Considering it, we have provided each of our expert a unique company identification card. Moreover, they wear our company’s uniform so that you can identify them easily. In this way, no stranger will enter your property.

Regular Follow Ups

After removing the thief ants’ infestation, we regularly visit your property to make sure that the infestation is completely eradicated.

Reasonable Rates

We ensure you that the rates we are offering for Thief Ant Control Services are most competitive and reasonable. In simple terms, we are offering you value for money.

If you suspect their presence or have them in your home or commercial property, do not let them cause more damage and call Mega Pest Control today to get a free quote. We are a leading solution provider of thief ant control and extermination services in this region. Furthermore, we are well-equipped with most advanced and latest industry standard tools, equipment and pesticides. Our Thief Ant Control experts hold several years of experience to handle their nuisance.

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