Black widow spiders are famous for the red colored hourglass marking on the underside of their abdomen. The color of these spiders is shiny black and most of them measures 3 -10 mm in length. Amongst the black widow spiders, females are larger than males and measures around 13 mm in length. During the first 17 days of their life, these spiders are poisonous and one who ingest them suffers.

The most important characteristic it bears is the combed foot. The strong and curved bristles are located upon the rear pair of legs and black widow uses it to roll silk over the captured prey.

This specie of spider is usually shy in nature.They live alone and socialize only while copulation. These spiders hunt their food during the night and during the daytime, they spin the web. You can sometimes see them hanging in their web upside down, and in this position, their red colored hourglass marking on the abdomen is exposed. It is a danger sign to attackers and predators.

Habits Of Black Widow Spider

Black widow spiders are most active during the temperature 70 degrees or higher, but they can easily survive lower temperatures. The webs black widow spins are irregular in shape and it builds them near the ground level. After completing the web, these spiders hang in the upside-down position.

Habitat Of Black Widow Spider
When black widow spiders move indoors, they prefer cluttered areas like basements, garages and crawl spaces. Outdoors, they are mostly found in the protected areas like in the piles of firewood and under the stones.

How the Black Widow Spider Received its Name
The name of this species is unique and immediately seeks attention. Basically, there is a story behind this name and it is about their mating behavior. The story begins when the male spider goes out and searches an interested female. The male approaches the web spinning female and wait for a hint of her readiness. If the female is ready to mate she remains still and allow the male spider to inseminate her.

The story continues and after the insemination, the female spider kills and eat the male spider who mated with her. From this behavior, it got the name black widow. But, it is not true that all the male spiders are killed and eaten by their female partners. This unusual behavior is rarely observed and that too in captivity.

The black widow spider is a contributor when it comes to balancing the ecosystem. This species of spider consumes insects like mosquitoes and flies. The pest population in crops is also controlled by them as they feed on pests which defoliate plants, like grasshoppers, locusts, caterpillars and beetles.

Harm Caused By Black Widow Spider
Amongst male and female widow spiders, female is found to be more aggressive and bite when see danger. This aggressiveness increases after laying eggs and guarding them. The male black widow spider rarely bites. If it bites the humans, the symptoms include increased blood pressure, nausea, sweating and fever. The condition may worsen if not treated on time, proper medical attention is must. If you witness a black widow spider in or around your property, it may be a sign of infestation developing. You should immediately seek a professional pest control service provider like Mega Pest Control.

How Mega Pest Control Helps You Prevent Infestation Of Black Widow Spider
We, Mega Pest Control,are a team of dedicated professional experts who holds many years of experience to deal with spiders and we have a special unit to deal with spider infestation. This team of experts is skilled in eradicating the infestation of black widow spider and will search all the possible areas where infestation can be present. After detecting their hideouts, we plan and exterminate them.

Our services are not limited to eradicating the infestation. After the removal, we schedule follow ups to your property and check if everything is alright. Mostly, we don’t find any signs of infestation but in rare cases if we see some development, our experts take immediate preventive and control measures and stops it from growing.

Some Preventive Measures You Should Consider
There are some steps you can follow as preventive measures. They are:

  • Eliminate their hiding spots by reducing or removing the clutter from garages and basements.
  • While cleaning, if you see any spider webs, avoid placing your hand in that area.
  • All the items stored in basement or garage from long time should be moved only after wearing heavy gloves.
  • Shake your shoes before wearing them.
  • The firewood should be stored around 20 feet away from the house and 5 inches above the ground.

These all preventive measures will help you a lot. If you still suspect a spider invasion, do not hesitate to call Mega Pest Control and avail their Spider Control Service. This is the only safest way to get rid of black widow spider.

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