If you have experienced yourself the infestation problem of moles, you might be aware how destructive pests are they. The thing that makes them more annoying is that they are active almost all through the year. So, it would be better to act fast and contact a professional pest control service provider instead of suffering from their nuisance all year round.

A professional pest controller is the best and most effective solution to get rid of moles forever. People try methods like poisoning and flooding their hideouts with water, but as usual, these methods fail. In such cases professionals like Mega Pest Control succeed because we have a dedicated Mole Control Service which helps to eliminate moles in the whole Ontario region.

Moles At A Glance

Usually people do mistakes in classifying them as rodents but in real, moles belong to Eulipotyphla, a class of mammals in which hedgehogs and shrews are also present. These are subterranean and exists in the whole Canada. These are mostly destructive and it is because of their habit of digging tunnels under the grounds, the farms, yards and gardens get damaged.

How To Identify A Mole

The size of a mole varies from 5 to 8 inches and their skin is covered with grey or brown fur. The most amazing feature that moles have are the large front feet claws with which they digeasily. Their shoulders are stronger and neck is broad. During excavation, they are helped because of these features only. Additionally, their eyes are sensitive to light, they don’t have outer ear and they possess long snouts.

They can survive in every environment and their habitats are usually woodlands, farmlands, grasslands, urban and suburban areas. Digging a long and complicated tunnel is an easy task for them because their long claws help them. The opening of tunnels dig by them can be easily identified from the mounds of soil above them, commonly we call them as mole hills.

Harm Caused

Their habit to tunneling makes them destructive and because of this, gardens, lawns, pastures and golf courses usually gets damaged. Their activity results in brown shades on grass and vegetation covers. If a person is dealing with them, they mostly bite the person.

What Mega Pest Control Do?

We understand the level of frustration these pests create. All the DIYs people try do not give them results, but they cost them a lot. We offer our unique Mole Control Service which is a long-lasting solution to all the mole infestation problems. Our rigorously trained and skilled professionals use the latest and most advanced equipment to help you get rid of them.

With so many years of experience, we have the precise knowledge about their different habitats and various species. This helps us to easily detect their presence in your property and control them. Then we follow the best approach to remove them from your place and finally execute the best approach tailored according to your problem.

The mysterious nature of moles makes it very difficult and tiresome job to remove them. That’s why it is always advised to control them with the help of highly trained professionals. All the experts at Mega Pest Control holds precise knowledge and skills. These qualities of our experts combine with the latest equipment and solve your mole problem in an efficient and humane way.

Regardless of the magnitude of infestation, we have freed the properties of hundreds of people from moles in this Ontario region. If you want an effective and virtually lasting solution to your mole infestation problem, you should call Mega Pest Control. We are only satisfied if you are!

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