Ants Control Caledon – Say Goodbye to Ant Infestations

Caledon is known as one of the greenest and safest towns in Canada. It is a part of the Hills of Headwaters town and considered to be one of the favourite spots for nature lovers because of its lush greenery. But unfortunately, along with nature comes the trouble of different kinds of pests and bugs. […]

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rodent pet rat eating cake outdoor in grass

Mice Control Etobicoke – Eradicating Mice and Rats

Do you have rats or mice wandering around your offices or homes? Are you worried these mice may be infecting your kitchen area and sharing the same food that you eat? Mice are a big problem in all the seasons. Summer, especially, is a great time for them to breed and dwell. They can quickly […]

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Unwanted Pests in Your Home

The Effective Measures To Control Unwanted Pests In Your Home The pests do not consider the seasons and invade a property anytime during the year. In summers, cockroaches or ants may attack your home and destroy various food products. In rainy season, pill bugs, millipedes and sow bugs may rest in your house. Under the […]

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Extreme close-up, high resolution image of an insect pest which has overtaken the East Coast of the USA and made a lot of news. In this image, the Stink Bug, scientific name Pentatomidae, is face to face with the viewer with focus nailed on his complex eyes. Shot with dedicated macro lens on a D3x body. f/18 gives optimal sharpness for eye detail, and though deep DOF, at macro scale much of this insect is still out of focus.

Pest Control Toronto

If you are residing in Toronto, you might already be aware of the severe pest problem the whole state is suffering from. There is no place left being affected by pests. Be it home, workspace or an industrial establishment, people at all the places areannoyed with the presence of different types of pests like ants, […]

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