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You should know that many cats live with fleas and there are many viable reasons to control it because:

  • A larval stage of tapeworm Dipylidium caninumis mostly carried by cat flea and when cats ingest the fleas while grooming, they get the infection.
  • Fleas can transfer many other infectious agents amongst cats.
  • Cat blood is what adult fleas feed upon and in young kittens, it causes weakness, anemia and even death.
  • The ‘cat scratch disease’ which is transmitted from cats to humans is because of fleas.
  • Flea bites cause allergies to many cats and they consistently scratch resulting in development of skin diseases.
  • In some sensitive humans, cat fleas may cause itchy bites mostly around the ankles.

There are some modern DIY which can help in controlling cat fleas, but if the infestation is severe, professional help should be taken.

How To Identify If Your Cat Has Fleas?
While grooming, cats ingest (eat) any discovered fleas and it becomes difficult to find any adult flea in the hair. The only signs to identify the infestation are an itchy cat and insect bites on human ankles.

The best way to detect the presence is by combing the cat precisely with a thin-toothed ‘flea comb’. You should exercise it on a clean white paper or any other white surface, if there are any fleas or ‘flea dirt’ (‘flea dirt’ is the excrement of flea which consists digested blood), it will deposit on to surface. If you find some debris (like tiny black colored specs), you should place them on a damp cotton wool – if this debris is flea dirt, it will slowly dissolve and leave red-brown blood marks. It confirms the fleas present in the condition when adults can’t be found.

Some Home Tips To Handle Cat Fleas
If you regularly vacuum clean your house, the number of fleas will get reduced but not completely eradicated from your house. Immediately after vacuuming, dispose them off carefully. If there is something heavily infested, dispose it off. After that you can start the following treatments to prevent re-infestation.

  • All the pests in your house should be treated with insecticides so that all the adult fleas on them get killed.
  • To eradicate the fleas during other stages of their development, treat the complete house. Firstly, vacuum clean all the soft furnishings, gaps between floorboards, carpet pile and other difficult to reach areas. After that you should use the flea insecticide so that fleas in immature stages should be killed.
  • Pupae (cocoons) are resistant to treatments, and thus both cats as well as the household items or places should be treated again and again to eliminate the fleas completely from your home.
  • To stop the fleas from maturing and reproducing, you can use products which inhibits the insect development. To get precise results, treat all the animals present in the house.

These are difficult to follow, so, it is recommended to get the help of some professionals like Mega Pest Control to eradicate this problem. Our experts use the removal products carefully and avoids any toxic effects. You, your cat and environment, all will be safe.

Beware of Toxic Flea Treatments
Unless you get specific instructions from an expert, do not use any DIY techniques. Here are some things which people use commonly to treat cat fleas but they are very toxic.

  1. Avoid the insecticide Permethrin. It is very toxic to cats.
  2. Avoid using flea collars because they contain chemicals (usually of cheap brand) which are dangerous to your cat.
  3. When you purchase flea treatment, it should be according to your pet’s weight. You might overdose your cat and increase the toxicity level. The health of your cat may get severely damaged.
  4. One commonly used ‘natural’ flea product is d-limonene. It is poisonous when swallowed.
  5. Avoid tea tree, cedar, peppermint, lavender oil or any other oil products.
  6. If you are using raw garlic, use it in very small amount otherwise if large quantities are used, it can be very dangerous to your cat.
  7. Never purchase flea products from unverified dealers.

How Mega Pest Control Will Help You?
Mega Pest Control is the best pest control service provider in whole of Canada and our experts will satisfactorily handle all your cat flea related problems. All our staff members are skilled and rigorously trained to handle any kind of pest infestation. To deal with cat fleas we have a dedicated service handled by experts who will deliver the best results and exceed your expectations.

All our services are very affordable and we value our customers, thereby making them satisfied. Our years of experience to handle various pest issues, especially cat fleas make us the best in the industry. After the treatment, we schedule follow ups to confirm if the infestation is not rooting again.

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