Wasps can be easily found in the months of summer. In Canada, people are very annoyed with wasps because of their painful sting. Although, they have a unique black and yellow body but sometimes they are confused with bees or hornets.

The structure and size of wasps varies according to the species. Most of them has a pinched waist and a pair of wings. The color range of these creatures varies from black to metallic blues and greens. The length of wasps varies from microscopic to several centimeters.

The species of wasps are categorized into two; solitary or social. As the name implies, solitary wasps prefer to live alone and thus, don’t have a colony whereas social wasps live in colonies and in those colonies, thousands of other wasps live. In these colonies, all the duties inside the nest are performed by females. Like social wasps, solitary wasps also lay eggs but the difference is that, the eggs of solitary wasps are left alone to hatch.

Amongst all the species of wasps, some are predatory whereas others are parasitic. The predatory wasps kill and eat other insects and tiny animals. They are further used to feed their larvae. Parasitic wasps usually lay their eggs in other living creatures’ body, mostly spiders and caterpillars. The larvae feed on the live host. Wasps also works as biological control agents because in agricultural sector, they assist in managing other pests. There are many wasps who feed upon the flowers’ nectar and thus functions as pollinators.

Some species of wasps is aggressive and if threatened, generally stings. When it comes to their ability to sting, they are different from honey bees and can sting several times.


In the late summer season, queen wasp produces some unfertilized eggs. The larvae from these eggs develop into males. These males further fertilize the female wasps who become the following year’s queen. These fertilized female wasps hibernate in a sheltered location. In maximum cases, the remaining colony perishes during winters. In the next summer, queen starts laying eggs and the fertilized eggs become workers who build the nest and feed the larvae which queen produced.

Signs of Wasp Infestation

The signs of wasp infestation depend upon species, but the common signs are their workers and nest. If you find any wasp flying near your property, it is a clear sign that a nest might be present in your property or surroundings.

How Mega Pest Control Helps You Get Rid Of Wasps?

We at Mega Pest Control uses a unique and integrated measure to control and eliminate wasps. In our program, we include the following:

  • Inspect: Our experts visit your property and thoroughly inspect it for the possible nests. With years of experience, we know all the possible places in and around the property, wasps can build their nest.
  • Documentation: Our documentation process involves the explanation of overall control plan, the findings and the results. Our documents have it mentioned that after the removal process, we will provide you scheduled follow-up services also and that too without any extra cost.
  • Wasp Control Method Selection: Depending upon the magnitude of infestation at your place, we decide the suitable method from the following:
  • Traps
  • Light Modification
  • Mechanical and Insecticidal Controls
  • Physical Removal
  • Cultural Controls: We modify the surrounding areas of the infested property so that the number of sights where wasps could build their nests are reduced.
  • Exclusion: Our experts modify the structures in such a way that a wasp could hardly enter it.
  • Sanitation:Our experts clean the area and effectively reduce the wasp’s access to food.

Amongst all the above services, we provide emergency services when required.

However, controlling and eliminating nests of wasps from your property is a very risky work and you shouldn’t do it on your own. It is very important to wear protective gears and implement accurate strategy, otherwise they will sting you and cause harm. You should contact a professional pest control service provider like Mega Pest Control to get rid of them from your property.

We have several years of experience and have successfully freed hundreds of properties in Canada from these dangerous creatures. If you ever suspect their presence in your property or nearby surroundings, you can anytime contact Mega Pest Control.

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