In the whole Canada, Pigeon or Rock Dove is the topmost pest bird. They were first introduced as pets but soon adapted the environment and increased their numbers. This escalated population of these species of birds has now become a major problem in the country and are affecting the homes, businesses, historical landmarks, airports, stadiums, schools, etc. They can be found at any place with sufficient food and shelter for them.

The primary items they eat are grains and sometimes they feed upon fruits also. As they commonly live amongst the humans, this diet has also been changed. You can easily find a flock of pigeons next to the parking lot of shopping complexes and fast food restaurants, looking for scraps of food dropped by us.


These are basically large birds with short legs and small head. The color of their head is dark, blue-grey and they feature glossy yellow, greenish and reddish-purple marking on their wing feathers and neck. On their wings, you can find two dark bands and a single band through the tail. However, these birds often feature various color variations. The flocks of these birds have pale, spotted, plain or rusty-red patterns.

Behavior, Diet & Habits

When they walk or move forward, their head bobs back and forward. They eat in the morning or early afternoon and come back to their nest or any other protected area to spend the night. They do not care about the cleanliness of their nest and use it again and again. This repeated use results in the development of durable stack of debris, feces and remains of dead baby birds and unhatched eggs.

To eat the food, they often gather in flocks. When the flock sees any danger, it immediately fly in the air and before coming down to eat, they circle several times in air. Many birds prefer to live in the outer regions of Cities but they are amongst those common birds who live in cities and towns. They equally nest in the farm buildings also.

As described above also, they prefer seeds and grains but may feed on any food items that are on ground. The common foods that pigeons in cities consume are bread, cake, popcorns, peanuts and all other foods littered by humans.


When pigeons pair, they pair for lifetime. The nest is built by male and female lays 1-3 eggs in it at a time. After being laid, the eggs take 19 days to hatch. The eggs are incubated by both parents, as males incubate them from mid-morning to late afternoon and after that females incubate them till mid-morning of next day. The young one is fed by both parents as they regurgitate a milky liquid.

Signs of Pigeon Infestation

The most obvious sign is when you find them roosting or hanging out on or near the buildings and parks. The second sign is droppings and it to be confirm the area as a common loafing, roosting, feeding or nesting location. The pigeon infestation can also be confirmed when you see some nests on the ledges or hear them cooing.

How Mega Pest Control Will Help?

We at Mega Pest Control will help you in eradicating these birds from your property because we know the latest techniques to remove the pigeon infestation. Our experts will inspect your property and based on the finding,we devise a bird management plan which helps you in reducing and eliminating any bird-related issues.

All our experts hold years of experience to handle pigeon and rock dove infestation and they will provide you results beyond your expectations. All our services are highly affordable and we are always ready to satisfy our customers 100 percent.

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