Beetles are amongst the most abundantly found living beings on earth. Till date, their 350,000 species (approx.) are known to exist and they cover more than 25 percent of life-forms. It is impossible for humans to encounter with most of the species, but there is one specie with whom everyone (virtually) has encountered and that is carpet-beetle.

Amongst all the pests present in Canada, these are the commonest and dominate the households of Canada. They have a track record of harming even the well-maintained homes. This is the reason you should act at an early stage of carpet-beetles’ infestation. At Mega Pest Control, we offer a special Carpet-Beetle Control Service that can be customized according to the level of infestation problem you are facing. This we do to provide you a permanent relief from carpet-beetles.

Carpet-Beetles In A Nutshell

Carpet-beetles are amongst the most damaging species of beetles. Some of their species feed upon a specific category like wood beetle feed only on wood, but carpet-beetle is one specie which consumes almost anything. Before initiating the control measures, it is vital to understand the risks associated with these pests and the main reason behind the invasion.

Although carpet-beetles are an outdoor creature but they mostly prefer to live indoor because inside the property, it becomes very easy to get food and shelter. Once they enter your house, they seek shelter in the dark spots such as underneath the furniture, below the baseboards or inside the cabinets. But to easily access the food, they start living on the edges of carpet, inside upholstered furniture and around the door casings.

As they are capable to consume anything, they can cause severe damages to your house. In households, they feed commonly on blankets, leather products, dead insects, pet foods, clothing, crumbs, and many other things on which it can land. They are so destructive that if they get the ability to eat ceramic tiles, they won’t hesitate to damage it also.

Breeding Habits

They breed at a very high pace and a normal carpet-beetle produces up to four generations. As soon as they find shelter in your home, they start with the breeding process and lay the eggs. If you have taken some DIY control measures and you think that all the beetles are removed, then you are wrong. Their eggs still remain which bring a whole new generation of carpet-beetles hungry enough to feed upon almost anything. They prefer laying their eggs in the nests of birds, hideouts of mouse and all other places where they can get easy access to feed on.

Damages Caused

Almost every pest is the reason for various harmful diseases affecting humans because they live amongst humans and transmit the diseases with ease. Fortunately, this is not the thing with carpet-beetles as they do not cause any type of diseases to humans. But this does not indicate that they can enter and infest a property.They harm humans in other ways which holds equal importance such as they damage upholstery, carpets, furniture, clothes, leather items, food of pets, and much more. Basically, they feed on all the animal products and this makes leather, wool, silk and fur as their favorite foods. Most homeowners misunderstand the damages caused by carpet-beetles as the work of moths. This is because the damages caused by them are very similar to those of moths, but they prefer some specific fabrics like silk, leather, etc. and make boring large holes in them. On the contrary, moths feed sporadically and make scattered holes in the clothes.

If you suspect that these pests are present in your property, you should immediately call Mega Pest Control and ask for our special Carpet-Beetle Control Service. We will be glad to serve you.

Why Mega Pest Control

The commonly available DIYs are no doubt cheaper, but they don’t provide permanent solution to this problem. The existing beetles are the one can be eliminated by these methods, their eggs remain intact. That’s why it is always recommended to hire professional services to remove them permanently from your home. Mega Pest Control provides you the best control and removal service, i.e. Carpet-Beetle Removal Service, which is a guaranteed way to eradicate them from your house and live in a pest free home.

We at Mega Pest Control hold exclusive tools, skills and experience to deal with carpet-beetles. Our approach to handle them is quite unique which provide you with a long-lasting solution to carpet-beetle’s infestation. Our experts first examine the affected area/part/belongings and confirms that the cause is carpet-beetle only.After that we survey all the possible locations in your house and devise a plan accordingly. Finally, we execute it and help you get rid of them. During inspection and planning, we also educate our clients as we ask them to join us and witness the process. This way, they learn the details and in future, if they face any such problem, it would be easy to act.

After eliminating carpet-beetles from your house, we arrange regular follow-ups (free of cost) to make sure that the problem is fixed permanently. This way if we see any future possibilities, we immediately take preventive measures and stop the infestation right there.

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