Amongst all the household pests of kitchen and pantry area, Indian-meal moths are considered as most destructive. They can consume and eat all type of foods that human beings eat, such as cereal, grains, cornmeal, flour, powdered milk and even pet foods. In this whole Ontario region of Canada, it is one of the most common pest in the kitchens.

At Mega Pest Control, we offer a dedicated Indian-meal Moth Control Service that is especially designed to help you exterminate the infestation of these pests from your home. If you are dealing with the Indian-meal moths’ infestation, then it is important that you should know certain facts about these pests.

About Indian-meal Moth In Short

The insect undergoes a complete transformation which include the stages egg, larva, pupa and adult. The adult moth is smaller and measures about 3/8 inch in length and when measured with wingspan, its length is 5/8 inch. The wings of Indian-meal moth are grey colored and the rear half is rusty brown. It is the pattern of the wings that distinguishes it from other common household moths.

Habits Of Indian-meal Moth

The larvae of Indian-meal moths usually infest most of the dry foods present in the house, like rice, bread, cereal, flour, pasta, nuts, dried fruits, etc. The food item these pests does not infest is chocolate.

While searching for Indian-meal moth’s infestationtraces, you should inspect the dried wreath arrangements.They can damage a wide range of food products and thus, are the most common species of pests who infests stored foods in homes and grocery stores.

The most common sign to identify their presence are adults and larvae. The adults fly in a relatively zigzag movement and they do this so that their infestation point can be increased around the rooms as their household coverage area also increases. That’s why they are sometimes misunderstood as clothing pests. The adult moth does not feed and mostly rests the whole day in the darker zones of the house. The larvae cause most of the damage because they spin large quantity of silk carrying their fecal bits in the stored foods. The magnitude of damage depends upon the amount of food these pests consume.

Indian-meal Moth Control  

To get rid of Indian-meal moths, many house owners go the DIY ways because they see it as a cheap option, but they fail. They again try some other DIY method and the result remains the same. In this way, they waste a lot of money in these useless techniques. Instead, they should go for professional services which eliminate these moths forever in a single attempt. One such service provider is Mega Pest Control.

The experts from Mega Pest Control thoroughly inspect your home’s infested zones to detect all the possibilities. With our several years of experience, we know all the favorable places of Indian-meal Moth. Our experts are well-trained and have appropriate skills to deal with the pest infestation in your home. After inspecting the premises, we determine what could be the best way to get rid of them.

Moreover, the insecticides used by our Indian-meal Moth Control Service are according to the industry standards and do not cause any harm to environment. The techniques we use ensures that the solution lasts long. The dedicated experts of Mega Pest Control remain equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment with which they reach all the crevices and cracks and other potential hideouts of Indian-meal Moth.

While removing the infestation, our experts will invite you (only if you want) to discuss the whole process so that you will get the proper knowledge about the infestation and in future you can consider all these points while storing the food items. Moreover, after implementing the effective control solution, we do a follow up program (free of cost). Through this program, we ensure whether the infestation is completely gone and your house is free from Indian-meal Moth.

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