From very long-time spiders remain our uninvited guests as they live in our home without our permission. Although, we try to ignore them but these creepy creatures make their presence visible by hanging those cobwebs all around the corners of our house. Spiders are the weird creatures with 8 legs, 2 body regions and no antennae or wings at all. They have 3-4 pair of eyes and then also some species have poor visions but on the contrary some species like jumping spiders have exceptionally good vision.

These are silent invaders and do not disturb our day to day life but then also their presence makes our home dirty as they fill our home with those strange cobwebs. Spiders are small black or grey colored insects who love moisture and are commonly found in the crawl spaces, basements and other damp parts of your property. They prefer living in the warm and dry areas like subfloor air vents, roof corners and attics. They can’t be easily found because they hide in dark areas. As food, they eat insects, other spiders, and other preys which get caught in their trap.

Till date thousands of spider’s species have been discovered all over the world.It doesn’t matter how much your child likes spider-man but once a spider is seen crawling near anybody, panic and screams are a sure thing because this scary creature is liked by none. You might be knowing that whole Ontario region is suffering from their mass presence.


The eggs are produced by adult female spiders and spiderlings come out of them. Before becoming an adult, these spiderlings go through a series ofsheds. In most of the spider species, males court the female. For example, to attract a female spider, elaborative dance is performed by male jumping spiders. For males, mating can turn out to be a dangerous event because sometimes females eat them after mating as a meal.

Other Information

Spiders can’t chew because they don’t have chewing mouthparts.Moreover, the spider’s gut is too narrow and can’t allow any large food consumption. You might be wondering how they eat their prey? Their saliva has digestive enzymes which they utilize to break the prey down and then consume it. Almost all the species of spiders are predators but there is one species documented which feeds on plants.

They produce silk which is strong, elastic and adhesive. They utilize it to spin webs, construct egg sacs and line spider dwellings. Different species design their web differently: some are funnel-shaped, whereas some are orb-shaped; some webs look haphazard while some are orderly. The spiders do not prefer living in the web, they take refuge in crevices and some of them live in burrows.

The home spiders are harmless because they usually don’t bite but in case if somebody is bitten by them, the person should seek medical emergency because it can turn fatal. Moreover, spiders nest in comfy little corners which can be shoes, clothes or a hole in the toys of your child.

How They Enter Your Home?

There are two common ways by which they enter your home – either through poorly screened, open windows and doors or through the gaps and cracks around the frames of windows and doors. They enter the house in search of prey. Other ways by which they get entry into your house are accidently hitchhiking in boxes, on outdoor items and many other things that you bring inside your home. If you find any spiders present in your home, be aware because there might be others also. So, you should call Mega Pest Control to get rid of them. We will thoroughly inspect your home and based upon the customized comprehensive control plan, we will eliminate them from your house.

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