Wolf spiders are large as compared to many other species of spiders and just looking at them many people are incited with fear. These threatening spiders are given this name because they follow and hunt their prey in the same manner as wolves do. These can move very fast and are ground hunters. They bear exceptionally well vision, but still they can’t move their eyes like humans do. When they stalk their prey, they require changing their body position.

Appearance Of Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders are hairy and large. Often, they are mistaken for tarantulas but here are some characteristics of Wolf Spiders which distinguishes them from others:

  • They are found in different sizes ranging from ¼ - 2 inch.
  • These spiders have 8 eyes which are arranged in 3 rows.
  • They feature a Unique Jack impression on their back.
  • It has 8 legs which are long and hairy.
  • The usual color of wolf spiders is grayish brown with lighter colored strips.
  • Wolf spiders have two fangs which are horizontal and sharp.


They can survive in different habitats and can be found anywhere; the only condition is that insects should be there for them to feed. They usually hunt their food in night and on the ground (wolf spiders don’t spin web to catch prey). The places they prefer are woody areas, suburban backyards, vegetation alongside the streams and wet coastal forests. Sometimes wolf spiders borrow in the ground also. In winters, they seek warmer places as their habitat and at that time they enter your home. If they are in your property, you can find them in places like basements, garages, and in windows or doors.

If you leave Antarctica region, they can be found in every continent of the world. Worldwide, they have more than 3,000 species and wolf spiders been widespread all through the Canada.


These spiders justify their name and hunt their prey. The qualities like fast runner and strong eyesight help the wolf spiders to easily locate their victims and attack them. They further bite the prey from their strong jaws. Primarily they feed on small insects like grasshoppers, crickets, ants, earwigs and flies.

Harms Caused By Wolf Spider

These are non-aggressive and only bite when someone threatens them. When they bite, venom is injected into the body but it is not lethal. When a wolf spider bites a human, the common symptoms that evolve are mild pain, itching and swelling. In some rare cases, swelling of lymph glands along with fever is reported. The bite should definitely be treated and if kids or elder persons are bitten, immediate medical attention is must.

How Mega Pest Control Can Help You?

The ominous appearance and large size of Wolf spiders terrify many people. But don’t be depressed because Mega Pest Control can easily control and exterminate wolf spiders. Our experts are highly skilled and holds precise knowledge about wolf spiders. Moreover, Mega Pest Control has all the latest tools and equipment to combat any pest. So, if you ever find these spiders in your property, do not hesitate to call Mega Pest Control and avail our special Spider Control Service.

Our experts will visit your place and help you get rid of them. Whether they are located in general surface, crack or crevice of your house, our experts will find them and free your property from them. The chemicals that we use during the extermination process are environment friendly and according to the standards of the industry. Customer satisfaction is what we always aim and after the removal also, we schedule regular follow ups just to check if infestation is permanently removed or not.

Important Control Measures

You can control them from entering your property if you consider the following points:

  • All the vegetation should be cleared away from the outskirts of your house.
  • Do not let any debris pile up in your yard. Clean your yard from rocks, wood and lumbar piles.
  • If there are any holes or cracks in the outer and inner walls, around the doors and windows, and near the ground, seal them.
  • The crawl spaces alongside the foundation of the property and vents should be covered with screens.
  • If possible, avoid outer lights because these lights attract the insects which wolf spiders like to feed.

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