Mice Control Etobicoke – Eradicating Mice and Rats

Do you have rats or mice wandering around your offices or homes? Are you worried these mice may be infecting your kitchen area and sharing the same food that you eat? Mice are a big problem in all the seasons. Summer, especially, is a great time for them to breed and dwell. They can quickly grow in numbers and take over space all within a matter of a few weeks. Not just that, they can bite through your wires, cables, and carpets and cause you a lot of damage. Mice are common pest control problems in Etobicoke. To deal with this problem of mice control Etobicoke area, you need professional pest control services like Mega Pest Control.

Common Mice Species

Mice control Etobicoke area mostly faces issues of dealing with Norway rats which are also known as Brown rat or Wharf rat. These rats have certain distinguishing features that make them such a menace. They have a keen sense of smell and can infest your home if they can sense there is food available in abundance. They particularly like to stay close to homes and can also survive long dry spells. They are nocturnal and can create a havoc in your home once you have gone off to sleep. They are experts at walking over wires and ropes, nibbling at them and causing damage.

Many residents don’t realise the gravity of the situation right away and that they need pest control services to deal with mice infestation. They try various homemade methods like setting traps or sprays to get rid of the rodents, but these alone are not enough. The issue of mice control Etobicoke area requires proper examination and mice control treatment by professionals like Mega Pest Control for your home or workplace.

Signs of Infestation

There are some signs that you can look for to know that yours is an issue which will need immediate professional attention. Start by looking for droppings. If your home or workplace has mice faeces everywhere it can be very unhealthy for you to continue to live in such an environment. A regular mouse is capable of producing up to 75 pellets a day. Just imagine the mess two or more mice can make.

Another indication is gnawing which is a sure shot sign for you to take the services of a professional to get rid of your mice infestation issue. Irregular cuts in boxes, nibbled plastics or wires and cuts in bags are indications that your house may have been infested. Such mice are known to make their burrows in garages, low-ground cover or under the cabinets and storing spaces that are cluttered and not accessed regularly.

Mice Control Solutions

We at Mega Pest Control have developed time-tested rodent control techniques that have proved to be successful over the years. Be it residential, commercial or industrial space, we cater to all the mice control requirements – big or small scale. Mice control Etobicoke area is one of our specialised areas.

Our mice control services are safe, effective and reasonable as compared to other providers. We guarantee the quality of every job we perform. Our specialised team of experts have deep knowledge about the issues of all types of pests and can effectively eradicate them from your homes. Our professional mouse exterminators know how to find the entry and exit points of the rodents and to deal with them.

We use rodenticides based on the size of the infestation of your home or workspace and our experts can determine if it needs single or multiple doses of anticoagulant rodenticides. After the mice have been completely eliminated, our experts make sure they have sealed all the entry and exit points and made the structure mouse proof so no mouse can ever sneak in again.

You can email us at info@megapestcontrol.ca or call us at 647-549-1262 if you are in need of our mice control services.

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