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Mississauga homeowners know exactly how stressful it can be to have a pest infested in your home. If you are a resident or a business operator in Mississauga, you might have experienced some level of nuisance caused by pests around you. We will take care of most of your problems with minimal disruption to your life flow. Exterminating them and repairing damages they have done to your home can be quite expensive. The fact that some of these can pose serious health risks to you and your family is even more worrisome than the financial burden imposed by unwanted infestations.

In Mississauga problems like bed bugs, fleas, mice and rats, cockroaches, carpenter ants, centipedes, mites, moths, beetles, wasps and hornets, flies and spiders are quite common. And that makes it all the more important to hire a pest control service.

What are Pest Exterminators and why do you need them?

The definition of exterminate is to “completely destroy,” also associated with the words “kill,” “put to death,” “erase from existence,” etc., hence the exterminators’ imaginary scene seems so deep with homeowners. While the word can imply eradication of a plague population, this rarely occurs, which is good for all of us because even plagues play an important role in the climate and the ecology of our world. Nevertheless, we don’t want to see unwelcome bugs and critters in our homes either because they can bite or sting us, cause sickness, harm our homes or possessions, or just be upset to see. It is here that professional management of pest comes into play. Pest problems need to be handled in a way that keeps them away from our homes while protecting the environment, both inside our homes and in nature.

A pest control worker travels to places where an insect or a recent infestation is likely. They carry out inspections to assess the issue and form of treatment needed to eradicate the pests. They also measure the dimensions of the infested area and give an estimate of the cost of their services. There are times when a building’s structural integrity may be at risk, so a pest control worker would need to design and implement integrated pest control plans. They establish barriers and apply pesticides or traps to prevent pests from entering a house.

Staff in pest control are full-time workers, who also work overtime. The essence of their work allows them to work indoors and outdoors. They also work weekends and evenings to satisfy the needs and timetables of their clients. They are exposed to chemicals as described above, and always wear protective gear such as respirators, gloves and goggles while performing their job.

Benefits of Hiring Pest Exterminator


One of the biggest problems with over-the-counter pest control products is that they rarely provide long-term solutions, especially for infestations that have settled down completely in your home. A good exterminator will evaluate the situation and provide a custom plan to prevent the problem from reoccurring. You’ll only keep applying them with over-the-counter products whenever the problem comes back.


If you have problems such as carpenter ants or termites, do-it-yourself control of pests can cause serious damage to your house. Their presence can also go so long undetected that the harm they do is irreversible. A trained exterminator should be able to identify important indicators of their existence in the early stages, providing ample time for monitoring and evaluating their populations’ successful eradication.


Although you might think that over-the-counter pest control items are weaker than their commercial counterparts and do less damage to environment, it is quite the opposite in fact. Many of today’s pest control firms provide ecological approaches that are not detrimental to the ecosystem or people in their households. On the other hand, over-the-counter when not applied safely can be harmful to both humans and domestic pets.

Why should you choose us?

We also offer full inspection of your property or infested buildings, whether commercial or residential, our experts know how to handle all sorts of problems. We also ensure steps are taken to avoid recurrence of pests. Our exterminators follow a strict adherence to our standard of health and safety.

We carry out an inspection first, as each pest requires a different plan of action, and then work on it. Mega Pest Control also gives its clients personalized packages and you’ll never feel that it’s too costly to invest in a reputed extermination company.

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