Controlling House mouse

As the name suggest, house mouse is the most common rodent usually found in houses, warehouses, farm fields, and all other areas with human traffic. They prefer living in a moderate climate and in winters, they move to houses, buildings and other structures. When they infest a place, you can observe a rapid increase in their population. That time eliminating them becomes almost impossible.

At Mega Pest Control, our experts strive hard to provide you a property and its surroundings free from house mouse. We hold many years of experience to capture and dispose this commonest form of rodent.

How To Identify If A Place Is Infested By House Mouse

If you are in doubt about the infestation of House Mouse in your property, you should consider the following points to confirm your suspicion.

  • Mouse Tracks: In comparison to other species of rodents, these are smaller in size. The foot print marks they leave are smaller and measures less than ½ inch. If you find their tracks somewhere in your house, be sure that their nest will be nearby because they keep themselves near to their burrow or nest.

Some other signs that people randomly notice are shredded bits of paper and clothes which they use to make their nest.

  • Gnaw Marks On Surface: If you identify some gnawing signs that are pretty much visible, you should be careful because some house mouse present in your home had done it. They target many products at home like clothes, wires, soft toys, blankets, cushions, etc.
  • Stains Of Urine: This specie of rat urinates frequently, and keep dribbling wherever they go. The smell is strong and matches ammonia. You can easily detect their presence because of this strong indicator.
  • Droppings: The shape of the feces they drop is like rod and it measures around ¼ inch.
  • Sightings: they do not mind disturbing humans and can be seen anytime. But like other species, they are also more active during the night.
  • Sounds: They make distinctive sounds and you can easily hear them chirping and squeaking.

Harm Caused By House Mouse

The harms caused by them are many like they eat food of humans and animal feed, damages the electrical wires and cut the clothes beyond repair.

They transmit various health ailments to humans like Ringworm, Tapeworm, Rat Bite Fever, Leptospirosis, Rickettsia Poxand Murine Typhus. These health ailments can be very dangerous if not treated on time.

How To Get Rid Of House Mouse

House mouse can be easily spotted but are very difficult to control because their reproduction rate is pretty high. Practically, they can survive in any place, so it’s very tough to get rid of them without the help of professionals.

Some common methods by which infestation of these mouse is prevented and controlled are:

  • Trapping: This method is performed by mechanical devices which traps the house mouse. Once it is caught in trap, it dies and then, you should safely dispose it so that any type of infection can be prevented from spreading.
  • Baiting:This method involves attracting these mouse or mice with food items containing poisons or rodenticides. The smell of food items attracts them and once they eat it, they die. You should keep the water supplies off so that these rodents could not consume water and waive off the effect of poison.

However, if you want to eliminate them on your own, it is very difficult because when an individual does inspection and procedures to kill the mouse, he mostly misses some steps. These missed steps do not allow the complete removal of infestation. Moreover, it’s very difficult to dispose dead mouse safely.

In case you find any of the warning signs present in your property, do not delay and contact us to avail Mega Pest Control’s special and most affordable Rat Control and Removal Service.Our experienced and skilled experts will eliminate them forever and that too in a safe and environment friendly way.


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