Controlling Norway-rat

Rats are one of the common pests. The Norway rat or the brown rat is one of those many pests which infests the environment rapidly. Their reproduction capacity is high and a female gives birth to many pups at a time. This leads to the high infestation and for property owners, it becomes difficult to get rid of them.

You can easily find a brown rat present in the warehouses, cellars, ponds, garbage dumps, residents, garages, sewers, barns, etc. At Mega Pest Control, we strive hard to provide you the best solution so that your property and its surroundings remain free from pests. The menace created by Norway rats can effectively be dealt by a professional pest control like us.

How do you know if your place is infested by the Norway rat?

If you suspect that your property is infested by Norway rats, consider the following:

  • Rat Tracks: You can easily identify their presence from the tracks left by them. The tracks are the marks of their hind legs. The marks are almost 1-inch long and when compared to other species of rats, these marks are bigger.

If you are inspecting your garage for the presence of Norway rats, you should identify some grease marks alongside the wallsneighboring the runway.

  • Gnaw marks on Surfaces: If you find that your food packaging is spoiled or, any of your fences or wooden artifacts have gnawed marks, you should thoroughly search the surroundings. Because of the habit of gnawing, they don’t even leave electrical wiring.

While inspecting, it’s must to look for electrical wiring because damaged electrical wiring may lead to severe electric hazards.

  • Stains of Urine:The dried urine’s stains of Norway rats appear in fluorescence. To identify them, you can use ultra violet lights with which you will see scattered drops or streaks of water marks.
  • Droppings: The droppings of these rats have blunt edges and are capsule shaped. They measure around ¼ to ½ inch and being big, can be easily identified. The color of these droppings is usually dark green or black.
  • Sightings: This species is usually nocturnal and notnormally found during the day. If you spot them in the day time also, it simply means that your property is severely infested with them.
  • Sounds: They are not at all silent in nature. When they dig and scratch the surfaces, or gnaw at things, sound is produced which can be distinctively heard.

Harm caused by Norwegian rats

These are very harmful when present in homes or properties with human traffic. The pathogens carried by them can transmit several dangerous diseases to humans like Q fever, Trichinosis, Weil’s disease, Rat bite fever, Viral hemorrhagic fever, Toxoplasmosis, Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, etc.

Many a times, the diseases mentioned above can be lethal, if not treated on time.

How to get rid of these rats

Some of the common methods to control and prevent their infestation are:

  • Trapping: In this method, mechanical devices are used to trap the Norway rat. Once it is caught in trap, it dies and then, you should safely dispose it so that any kind of infection from spreading is stopped.
  • Baiting: This method involves attracting these rats with food items containing poisons or rodenticides. The smell of food items attracts them and once they eat it, they die. You should keep the water supplies off so that these rats could not consume water and waive off the effect of poison.

All the above discussed measures are hard to be followed by an individual, that’s why it is always advised that you should seek professional help to exterminate them.

If you find any of the warning signs present in your property, do not delay and contact us to avail our special and most affordableRat Control and Removal Service.

Our experienced and skilled experts will visit your property, inspect it thoroughly and eliminate them forever and that too in a safe and environment friendly manner.


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