Practical ways to solve Bed Bug problem at Mississauga

Many of us at Mississauga might have undergone this nightmarish experience called the ‘bedbug’ problem, at least once in a lifetime. A recent study has revealed that these little menacing creatures have taken the toll over both offices and homes. Therefore a clear-cut solution to this exhausting problem would be a benefit for all us.

There are different effective methods to drive away the bedbugs in a relatively short span of time and without much ado. In this post, we will understand

  • Identification of the bed bug problem
  • Estimate the level of infestation
  • Extermination– either self or professional

Identification of the Bed bug Problem

‘Good night! Sleep tight! Don’t let the bedbugs bite..!’ goes a nursery rhyme that we all are familiar with. Discovering reddish bites or rashes on the skin when you are just out of your bed is a major indication of bedbug invasion. They are just like any other 6-legged insects and undergo a life cycle that lasts for about 40 days. Bedbugs are mostly red or brown, 4-5 mm in length and can breed in clusters at a very fast pace.

Bedbugs can be found on mattresses, old furniture, suitcases, bed frames, wardrobes or sofas. They may be quite tricky to spot, playing hide and seek with you. If you find it too tiring, you might call up professional investigators to inspect your homes. Remember not to delay the inspection process as these insects multiply quickly and attack places that you cannot even imagine. Of course, they do not bite away furniture but what’s more annoying than bearing the bedbug bites and disturbing your good nights’ sleep?

Estimate the level of infestation

You may start your inspection by using a flashlight in all crevices and corners of beddings and furniture. Look for droppings and eggs of bedbugs on the seams of upholstery. Sometimes a weird smell and the remains like paper on the sheets could be another indicator of a bedbug problem. Using some sticky traps to measure the level of infestation may also work great provided you don’t have toddlers and pets around.

The best option would be to seek professional assistance like Mega pest control services. They work in a systematic style and use the latest technology to identify the level of bedbug attack and provide a failsafe solution to the problem.


Extermination – Either self or professional

DIY remedies to try

Before you reach the experts, you might try these home remedial measures to curb the bedbug problem at Mississauga. Unfortunately, in summer, Mississauga’s warm weather is most suitable for insect breeding. Using passive methods like heating devices can somewhat expel these insects out of their hiding places. Bedbugs hate heat and high temperatures, so that could do the trick. Baking soda is believed to kill bedbugs to a great extent.

You can sprinkle it on your mattresses and furnishing and leave it for a few days before you clean it up. Find the hot spots and place repellant balls that are available in the market. They have a nasty smell that forces the bedbugs to leave their hideouts and this way you can expel them away from your homes.

Hire a professional

This is the most sought-after method to drive the bedbugs out of homes and offices. There are many reasons why you should seek professional help to solve the problem.

  • Use of effective and harmless chemicals
  • Qualified and well-trained labor
  • Immediate action and instant results

This entire process may sound exhausting and time-consuming! Of course, it is. But with patience and proper planning, we can solve the issue with great ease. Mega pest control is a great savior when it comes to solving bedbug or any other pest control issues. If all your self-attempts go in vain, you can give them a call and get your instant solution before the bedbug problems aggravate and become burdensome for you.

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