Proactive Methods for Pest Extermination at Brampton

Pests are Machiavellians. In the name of pest control, you often end up playing hide and seek with these opportunist monsters. They mostly attack common household in search of food, water and shelter. They build their hideouts in any corners or crevices of our houses. At Mega pest control, we offer proactive methods to make your homes pest-free. With our trained professionals, we can make the process of pest extermination as easy as ABC for you. Listed below are a few tried and true tips to enhance your efforts to drive the pests away from your homes.

  • Organic Methods for pest extermination

‘Organic’ is the trending buzzword in our lifestyle. We buy organic stuff and use them in our everyday life. Why not get acquainted with some of the organic ways to control the pests? Essential oils are one of the main ingredients in preparing harmless and powerful repellants. Use essential oils for cleaning your floorings and furniture, washing clothes, etc as a measure towards pest extermination in Brampton. Mixing a few drops of some oils like citronella, lavender or cedar wood in sprays could keep poisonous insects, bugs and termites at bay.


  • Prevent before they attack

Often, it is useful to take certain preventive measures before the pests actually attack our households. They are attracted to dirty and filthy places. Keep your homes clean and uncluttered. Relocate the garbage bins and place them at a distance away from your homes, close to the road. Ants, termites, rats and other rodents may find it easy to enter your house if you have trash bins close to your living space. Regularly inspecting homes for pest infestation could be a great idea to solve Brampton pest control issues. Reach us for the best eco-friendly pest control strategies and we will not disappoint you with our extraordinary services.


  • Grow medicinal herbs

True to its name, the Flower city, Brampton, is home to several beautiful gardens and parks. Why not groom a garden in your own yard? You could ask,’ how is this going to help me in pest extermination at Brampton? Well, the answer is ‘Grow medicinal plants.’ There are certain plants which look decorative but are powerful insect repellants. Growing such plants would not only make your homes look beautiful but also safeguard from pests and insects to a great extent.


  • Other preventive measures to keep pests away from your homes include installing mosquito nets on doors and windows, fencing the homes with copper mesh installation. If you have a lawn, you can arrange some traps to catch rodents like mice, moles and squirrels. You may consider removing weeds and shrubs from your lawn as they are considered to be the best hideouts for pests. Look for cracks on the walls and better seal them without any delay. There are silicone and foam sealing products available in the market. Make use of these sealants with the help of our professionals to deter the pests and insects.

Despite multiple trial and error methods, the pests manage to find their ways to our homes and offices. They silently pile up our stress levels and rule over our dwelling place. They may also cause harm to children and pets. When things get out of control, it is advisable to call experts and get the job done. We use top-notch equipment which is safe and effective for pest extermination. We are recognized by the government and licensed to use eco-friendly chemicals to curb the issue. Reach us now at and we will serve you with our best practices or CALL US NOW: 647-549-1262


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