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To most people, the thought of rats crawling in their home or office is cringe-worthy and unwelcoming. It becomes very unsettling to be in a space and hear crawling sounds from the attic. If you are a resident of Mississauga, you are well aware of this problem as Mississauga has been ranked the third rattiest city in Ontario! Moreover, if they are left untreated, your home/office will become their property in no time

How do they get in?

The rat population multiplies at a fairly fast rate. So if you have spotted only one of these in your house it is better to make up your mind because mice travel in packs and there are many more behind the scenes. Rats have a number of ways they can get into your property i.e by digging through soft ground tunneling their way in, or slipping through little window cracks or openings. Basements are also vulnerable to mice attack, gutters can also become a gateway for them to enter.

Problems caused by Rats

Rats can cause damage to property, possessions and your health.  They carry diseases such as leptospirosis and typhus fever, contaminate food with their hair, droppings and urine, resulting in food poisoning and spoilage, they generate unpleasant odors which can be unwelcoming for guests. Rats carry fleas or ticks which can harm pets or humans; they also damage materials such as food containers, wood, particle board, insulation and wiring through gnawing.

How do I identify rats on my property?

Rodents are usually more active at night and are more common at late summer / early fall. It usually indicates high numbers when you see rats or mice during the day or there is a good food source nearby.

Watch for: Black, moist, thin droplets while checking for rat and mouse activity.  Debris left from rodents gnawing items like snail shells, almond shells and chop bones.

Food left over for missing pets. Signs of fruit and vegetables destruction and materials such as wood, insulation and electrical cabling. Runways’ built by rodents using the same route as through vegetation / gardens, or along fences. Fat rub marks on walls or skirting boards, where rodents regularly travel. Burrow holes behind sheds or under rubbish.


You can adopt some of the ways to prevent this problem , ensure the rubbish bins have secure lids, and are cleaned periodically. Keep your home and land rubbish-free. To minimize the hiding / nesting / thoroughfare of rats and mice, hold stacked materials such as wood and bricks at least 30 cm above the ground. Clean sheds and storage areas regularly, and dispose of unwanted items. These measures will help you in preventing rats from entering your property however, if they have already, we suggest handing over the situation to the experts since these preventions will not help much and the longer you wait, the more their population increases in size making it impossible to remove them.

Why choose our service?

We offer the solution to all your pest infestation problems and have experience with all kinds of pests, especially rats. Our rat control service Mississauga has excellent reviews and feedback by the clients as you can see from our website. Our team consists of reliable and experienced exterminators who know what they are doing and make sure that you won’t have to face the same problem again. Invest in our rat control service to get rid of your mice related worries.


We deal in all kinds of property, big or small. Our method is simple; we assess the problem and create a solution accordingly. Since every rat infestation is different from the other, we go through a thorough examination of the property and then make a plan. We use methods that are environment friendly as well as safe for your children.

Pocket friendly services

Are you still hesitant? People often shy away from hiring a pest control service thinking that it might cost them a fortune, but our aim is different. We prioritize the client and create customized plans for each home/office depending upon the severity of the infestation. Our aim is to provide you with long term, reliable and affordable solutions.

For emergency guidance, call our 24/7 helpline and we will assist you with the appropriate solution. You can also take advantage of our free quotation option from the tab on our website.

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