Unwanted Pests in Your Home

The Effective Measures To Control Unwanted Pests In Your Home

The pests do not consider the seasons and invade a property anytime during the year. In summers, cockroaches or ants may attack your home and destroy various food products. In rainy season, pill bugs, millipedes and sow bugs may rest in your house. Under the boxes and storage containers, you may anytime find earwig and silverfishrelaxing. To discover spiders, look behind all those stacked boxes. Over there you will discover their nest and find them quietly waiting to prey on other insects. Moreover, in summers your pets may get the fleas and theymay reproduce in the fur of your pet, thereby creating a huge menace.

In the autumn season, you might have noticed that cluster flies and ladybugs are normal in the open grounds and they constantly search any warm areas to breed. If any of the windows or door of your house remain opened, they will not be late to come inside and comfortably settle on the walls or attic of your house. In the winter season, the houses are invaded by rats and mice, and it is very difficult to eliminate them from your property.

So, after all the hard work done during the day, when you want a peaceful sleep, you get disturbed by the creeping and crawling insects. Sometimes, they even jump on your bed and sometimes they chatter restlessly around your bed. They disbalance everybody’s life. But, you should not get depressed because these are some effective measures which will stop these nasty pests to enter your home and that too,without the use of toxic chemicals.

There are many artificial repellents that have harmful chemicals and they can successfully exterminate the household pests but are harmful when accidentally touched or ingested. If you are in touch with chemical pesticides for a long time, your central nervous system may get damaged and you may get allergic reactions including irritation on eyes and skin. Some other problems like difficulty in breathing or hormone disruptions can’t be ruled out. All these problems become fatal if not handled properly on time.

The pesticides are no good to our surroundings also. The stagnant resources of water or underground water is contaminated by them. As a result, some unrepairable harms occur to humans, animals, and plants. The good news is that there are some effective and non-toxic ways to get your home free from these harmful pests.

Maintaining dryness

It’s the nature of pests to live in the wet and dry areas. The most common pests who thrive in wet spots are cockroaches and mosquitoes. So, to discourage cockroaches don’t leave water in your sink and keep it dry. If there are any spills or puddles of water, wipe it off and prevent pests from breeding. This way, you will also avoid any falls on those slippery surfaces. Do not forget to close all your dripping taps and seal all the leaking pipes. You will save some water and prevent the arrival of pests.

Maintaining Cleanliness

Pest infestation occurs most in the filthy environment. It is very much necessary to keep your home tidy and clean. Your eating places should not be left with any crumbs and spills. Moreover, do not leave any dirty dishes in the sink. The dirty sink works as a magnet to pests. They would love to feed on your food. Do not allow the trash bin to overflow with garbage and regularly empty it. No food items should be left in open. For example, keep fruits in the refrigerator, keep all the dry food products in the airtight containers. If you have cardboard boxes, old newspapers or other useless products, dispose of them off regularly. Piling them in a corner will only provide shelter to pests.

Fixing your broken house

If you have any holes, cracks, or crevices in your house, get them sealed and repaired. Old curtains should be replaced and all dusty corners should be cleaned. This will help you to discourage many pests like rats, mice, ants, centipedes, millipedes, etc. To get rid of spiders and those unending cobwebs, wash and paint your house once every year. Moreover, many pests will automatically run away from your house from the smell of paint.



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